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    Laminated Plastic Barcodes 31413

    Laminated Plastic Barcodes
    Get labels that withstand harsh chemicals and abrasion. With a durable design and a clear laminate, your barcodes and graphics are protected to ensure a long-lasting label. These barcode labels are great for wet environments and equipment used outdoors. You can be sure that your barcode will read perfectly, indoors or out. Search our plastic labels by shape.
    • ? These barcode labels are laminated for extra durability. Choose either a matte laminate or a gloss laminate.
    • ? Labels are resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Just wipe away liquids with a paper towel for easy cleanup.
    • ? It's simple to personalize your labels. Select one of our templates to add your own text, logo, and numbers.
    • ? Check out our specialized designs for Asset & Property ID Tags , Fixed Assets, Equipment and Tools.
    Durable Aluminum Barcode Labels
    Durable Aluminum Barcode Labels
    Want even more durability? Our metal barcode tags feature embedded print and an adhesive the fuses to the application surface.
    Step 1: Select a Shape
    • Select a shape for your barcode labels. In the next steps, you choose a size, personalize text and select a material.
    • Click to select
      Rectangular & Square
    • Click to select
      Circular & Oval
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