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    Tamper Proof Security Labels with Barcodes 31419

    • Tamperproof Security Labels with Barcodes
    Use tamper proof security barcode labels on vulnerable or sensitive equipment and inventory. You can tell if they've been tampered with or if someone has ¡°appropriated¡± your asset.
    • ? On removal, some leave a checkerboard or a VOID pattern, or try destructible vinyl labels that break apart, leaving evidence behind.
    • ? Destructible, voiding, and checkerboard void materials are available in plastic and in a variety of colors or designs.
    • ? For extra durability, use our anodized tamper proof AlumiGuard? with SecuriCuts
    • ? Die-cut shapes and custom designs are unique and hard to copy.
    Print Tamperproof Barcode Labels
    Print Tamperproof Barcode Labels
    Design your own labels, download a PDF, and print them at home. Try our pre-cut sheets of blank labels.
    Step 1: Select a Shape
    • Select a shape for your barcode labels. In the next steps, you can choose a size, personalize text, and select a material.
    • Click to select
      Rectangular Designs
    • Click to select
      Square Designs
    • Click to select
      Circular Designs
    • Click to select
      Oval Designs
    • Click to select
      Special Shapes
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