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    Note to Customers
    Regrettably, we are not able to ship items. Orders will be put onto backorder status until we are allowed to re-open our factory. We expect to reopen the factory once the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. Please stay safe.
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    BikeGuard Tags - Free Community Registry

    How it works (1:06)

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     Easy as 1-2-3!

    Step 1

    Register your bike and order your tags

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    Step 2

    Once your tags arrive, attach them to your bike

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    Step 3

    If it’s found, your bike’s tags will allow the finder to contact you anonymously

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    What is BikeGuard?

    Bikes are expensive! BikeGuard is a free community service to help make sure you don’t lose yours. Learn more...

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    Bike resources

    A state-by-state infographic on American cyclists’ habits. See more...

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    Connor Fields: Why I ride

    An Olympian cyclist talks about his favorite mode of transportation, and how BikeGuard helps. Read more...

    Connor image